U.P Console 심사용

X-ray image acquisition software

  • U.P Console is software for acquiring digital X-ray image.

  • User can easily understand due to User friendly GUI and easy understanding icon.

  • GUI and simple Icon enables user to interpret the acquired image

  • Since U.P Console obeys DICOM 3.0 standard, the interface is easy and simple to use with PACS, OCS, Printer.

  • U.P Console uses optimized parameters for RayView3 detectors, which can generate high quality image.

  • Through user customizing configuration, operating time will be minimized as well.

  • Features

    – User friendly GUI

    – Simple icon

    – DICOM 3.0 standard compatibility

    – Optimizing parameters

    – User customized configuration

    – Statistic for management

Performance Software

Work flow

Worklist (Register)

Acquisition mode

Database (Review)

Detail functions


Other items

Image acquisition Software

<This image is not qualified for interpretation of X-ray image>

Technical Specifications

U.P Console can improve your work efficiency

<Acquisition Workstation>

Acquisition Time Approx. 3~5 Sec.
Modality Type Supports both CR and DR modality type
DICOM Supports DICOM 3.0 Standards
Storage Backup Supports backup CD/DVD
Exposure Factor – Programs default X-ray technique for each study

– Patient size selection

– Supports AEC

Image Manipulation – Digital Marker

– Customize Annotation

– Crop

– Zoom In/Out

– Invert and Flip (Vertical/ Horizontal)

– Rotate (Clockwise/ Counterclockwise)

– Image Reject and Save

– Window/ Level Adjustment

– Magnifying Glass

Image Layout Display 1X1, 2X1, 1X2, Fit-to-Screen, True Size
Special Features – Hospital Procedure Code Auto-Matching- Hospital Procedure Code Import in Excel format

– Grid Lind Suppression

– Barcode Reader Support

– Multi-accession number studies

– Sending/ Printing Status Tracking Function

– Suspend mode during application

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